Welcome to The Nest!

The Nest is an Acupuncture practice located on the north side of Chicago, in the neighborhood of Ravenswood Manor, in Lincoln Square. 

The Nest is the original specialized Chinese medicine practice in Chicago—we began working with reproductive health, women’s health, pregnancy, childbirth, and pediatrics, nearly a decade ago.

Since then, our practitioners have furthered their education, which is deeply rooted in the classics of Chinese medicine, and they are fully steeped in the wisdom of this 3000-year-old medical system. Patient and professional response has been consistent and amazing. We proudly care for over 500 patients a month and we are known for our passionate, expert care. Nest patients and other healthcare providers have put their trust in our expertise and we are continually humbled by our many patient success stories and referrals. This is what keeps us inspired and constantly striving to cultivate our knowledge. 

Our mission:  Clearly understand, diagnose, and treat our patients – and above all, to keep clarity within complexity.