What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete system of medicine that has been in existence for more than 2,000 years. It has its own system of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapies that work to restore and balance the body. When the body is out of balance, illness, pain, and other physical and emotional symptoms may arise. Chinese Medicine resolves these imbalances by strategic placement of acupuncture needles, herbs, tuina (acupressure based massage), moxabustion (heat therapy), cupping, gua sha (Chinese myofascial release) and diet therapy. Chinese medicine is unique in that it can be used to correct imbalances that have become illness and pain, or to correct imbalances prior to the appearance of symptoms to prevent disease.

What happens in an Initial Visit?

The initial visit includes a full medical intake and health history as well as a comprehensive Chinese medicine examination of the tongue, pulse and abdomen.The Nest practitioners consider all of this information to formulate a customized treatment plan for you. An acupuncture treatment is included in the initial visit; Chinese herbal medicine recommendations and basic eastern nutrition advice may be addressed at this time as well. Other therapies such as moxabustion, massage, and cupping may be incorporated to augment the acupuncture treatment. Please allow 90 minutes for your first visit and 50 minutes for follow up visits.

Do the needles hurt?

Needles used for acupuncture are hair-fine, sterile, and disposable. The sensations a patient feels from the needles vary from person to person, but generally needle insertions are not painful. Patients often describe a heavy, warm, or tingling sensation when they are resting with their needles. Most patients report a state of deep relaxation and an overall sense of well-being during and after a treatment.

Does insurance cover acupuncture treatments?

There are a growing number of insurance companies in Illinois that cover acupuncture treatment. However, we encourage patients to check with their particular insurance carrier to inquire about coverage. We will gladly provide patients with a receipt of services to submit to their insurance for reimbursement. These invoices have all the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes required for insurance.

Is acupuncture compatible with other forms of health care? 

Absolutely. Traditional Chinese Medicine is unique in that it easily integrates with all forms of medicine. In fact, recently many hospitals and clinics have been combining Eastern and Western medical systems to form “Integrative Medicine” or “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” (CAM).   Our patients frequently integrate other modalities of care including massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, naprapathy, midwifery, and pharmaceuticals. Our goal at The Nest is to provide our patients with the care and support they need to improve their overall health. We understand that often the best approach is combination therapy.