Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

Autoimmune conditions fall under the category of ‘knotted disease’, or complex conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has centuries of experience healing complex and hard to treat illnesses. Conventional medicine has few answers when it comes to treating complex diseases, outside of steroids and strong pharmaceutical medication, where the side effects of the medication is often times as bad as the illness itself. Chinese medicine offers patient-centered treatments that take into consideration the entire landscape of the body. This approach allows for the body to strengthen, rebalance, and heal as a whole.

At The Nest, we take a multi-level approach to treating autoimmune conditions. In your custom treatment plan, we may utilize effective anti-inflammatory herbs to create a custom herbal formula, rely on the healing benefits of acupuncture, and employ the ancient wisdom of eastern diet therapy. The wonderful thing about acupuncture and Chinese medicine is that it compliments western medicine beautifully. Acupuncture has been used to ameliorate effects of steroids and other harsh medications, and helps to remove toxins from the body. Furthermore, regular acupuncture treatments can help to strengthen the body, support healthy hormone levels, and alleviate pain. We know managing an autoimmune illness can be a burden. Let us help ease your burden and help restore vitality to your life.



Acupuncture effective at treating Crohn’s Disease

Acupuncture helps MS into remission

A drug derived from the hydrangea root, used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, shows promise in treating autoimmune disorders, report researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston (PCMM/IDI), along with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

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