pediatric2Today you are you! That is truer that true! There is no one alive who is more you-er that you!

—Dr. Suess

Keeping children healthy and balanced is important to their development and vitality.

Pediatrics has been an area of specialization in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This specialty has stood the test of time for good reason— children respond beautifully to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Chinese medicine has an old adage about children’s health: The only disease children suffer is indigestion. According to Chinese medicine the digestive system is the power house for the all organs and systems in the body—good digestion results in generating good energy and blood, which is the basis of good health. This makes from a western medicine point of view as well, as we are gaining understanding that chronic, inflammatory conditions are strongly tied to the gut. When the whole body is supported it develops and grows properly without chronic weakness like asthma and allergies, digestive issues, recurrent colds/flu, coughs, or skin ailments. Emerging science of intestinal flora—the microbiome—show digestive health can even affect the brain and mental health.

Although children’s developing systems are sensitive and can easily become out of balance, it’s that state of rapid development that allows them to recover quickly. Children have an amazing ability to heal, as they have not been worn down by years of over-work, stress, and exposure to toxins.  A gentle, holistic approach of making dietary and lifestyle adjustments and implementing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can effectively treat many childhood ailments.

Chinese medicine is a whole medicine developed to treat all ailments. Common childhood ailments that are commonly and successfully treated at The Nest include: colic, reflux, failure to thrive, eczema, asthma, acne, food sensitivities, allergies, recurrent colds/flu, weak immune system, diarrhea, constipation, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, bed wetting, immunization support, behavioral concerns such as ADD/ADHD, autism support, test anxiety, and sleep disorders. 

The advantage of the pediatric focus at The Nest is that our practitioners have comprehensive pediatric training coupled with years of experience. They have the advanced schooling necessary to create customized herbal medicines appropriate for children’s growing bodies. 

What to Expect

Practitioners may or may not use needles in young children. Sometimes acupressure is more appropriate. A baby may receive treatment while breast feeding and gain the benefits without noticing the treatment. A small child will usually sit on their parents lap to receive acupressure.

Our Practitioners talk to children about the treatment to engage their natural curiosity so that they gradually loose their apprehension of needles. Treatment is fast so kids don’t have to sit or lie still for any length of time. Slightly older children love to lie on the table and describe their treatments with needles, as “so relaxing”.

We work with the temperament and constitution of each child to meet them where they’re at. We empower families to have a hand in the healing process.

Constitutional Benefit

Often, a child’s well being shows marked improvement in all aspects of their daily lives. Parents often note that a child’s spirit, happiness, energy, and vitality blossom.


The efficacy of pediatric acupuncture is being proven in increasing scientific studies, resulting in acupuncture being offered in integrative settings like Children’s Hospital Boston and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In hospitals, it most commonly provides a non-invasive and natural form of pain relief.

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