Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy before and after immunizations can strengthen the immune system and decrease unwanted side effects.

To immunize or not immunize—that is a question many parents struggle with. Whatever the decision, acupuncture/acupressure and Chinese herbal medicine is a gentle but strong and safe way to help support a child’s body before and after immunizations.

The main focus of treatment prior to immunizations is to help support the body’s energy and blood and strengthen the immune system. The goal is for children to be at their strongest and healthiest prior to receiving any immunizations.

Post immunization treatments assist the body in quickly recovering from the introduction of pathogenic influences and other additives that are introduced into the body via immunization, thus reducing unwanted side effects.


After my son’s 8 week shots, he was really fussy, cranky and lost interest in the bottle. Obviously, my husband and I were concerned, and after some research and talking with our post-partum doula, we ended up at The Nest. They were wonderful. We worked together to develop a treatment plan for my son and within a day he was feeling better and back to his “old” self. Based on our positive experience, I would recommend that concerned parents explore the option of using acupuncture/acupressure before and/or after immunizations. –HM

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