I came to The Nest after a very stressful two years of trying to conceive. According to my doctors I had PCOS not because of any insulin or testosterone issues but based on the fact that I wasn’t ovulating regularly. Every month my doctors would convince me that all I needed was this drug or that procedure to get pregnant. I begrudgingly followed their lead…I ended up doing one round of IVF and conceived. Unfortunately, that pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage…I was heartbroken and defeated…I contacted The Nest and started working very closely with Jen. I did not let the cost of each session or the herbs detour me. I started to feel better immediately and realized that I was investing in my overall health. In my opinion that’s money well spent!…I started ovulating every month naturally which was a real game changer. I was able to try to conceive every four weeks without any fertility drugs. As I continued working with Jen, I felt more confident that I would become pregnant with this approach. Even when I would get a negative pregnancy test I was still hopeful that by spring we would be blessed with a little spring flower. After 6 months of weekly sessions with Jen, I am now 15 weeks pregnant! I found out I was pregnant the first day of spring. A coincidence? I think not!  I am living proof that women who are struggling with fertility can conceive naturally. I am so grateful to Jen and the entire Nest staff for helping me make my dream of becoming a mother a reality. I strongly encourage anyone that is struggling with ovulating or conceiving to come to The Nest and trust the process. I wish I had come sooner!—C.S.

Sae Mickleson has been such a blessing for me both mentally and physically. I was referred by a friend after experiencing my second miscarriage (one healthy/no complications prior pregnancy & birth) and called immediately to schedule an appointment. I did not know much about acupuncture but I’ve always been very interested in holistic approaches to everyday living…From the moment I started taking the online survey prior to the first appointment, I knew the experience was going to be a positive one for me. Getting a chance to talk through how you live your daily life and how that can affect your overall well being was very therapeutic. I realized quickly that it was most likely my daily stresses and how my body coped with them that was causing my fertility issues. I’ve learned a lot about how to de-stress naturally and how to calm my anxiety.

I am now almost 35 weeks pregnant and know that even after I deliver I will continue with the sessions in order to help support me in a more balanced approach to life. —H.C.

When my husband and I first met with Shelbi Bailor for our initial consultation, we were grieving our first miscarriage, preparing to go through IVF and feeling confused and hopeless about our chances of having a child. Meeting with Shelbi was really a turning point, as she offered us so much compassion and realistic hope. Shelbi has been treating me with acupuncture and herbs for over a year and a half, and has continued to provide so much physical and emotional support through our journey. I am happy to share that I am now pregnant (naturally) with a baby boy! Shelbi is an excellent practitioner whose vast knowledge and gentle style of needle insertion worked so well for me. Her personalized treatments helped me to relax and keep symptoms at bay during infertility treatment and also helped me manage morning sickness and sustain my pregnancy during the first trimester and beyond. Shelbi brings so much passion, heart and expertise to those dealing with infertility and loss as well as pregnancy.  I would definitely recommend her and the entire team at The Nest!—K.S.

I am ever grateful to The Nest.  It has been a terrific experience!  The Nest was my first introduction to acupuncture.  After working with practitioner Julie Gaudette for over two months, I can say that I am a true believer in this method of Chinese Medicine.  I have seen positive changes in myself.  Not only has acupuncture helped regulate my cycle and as a result help me get pregnant, but my overall mental health seems better.  I am more patient, relaxed and calm.  I have found the Nest to be a very welcoming and relaxing sanctuary.  Working with Julie and the entire staff at the Nest has been wonderful.  Julie has made me feel so comfortable and always takes her time listening to my thoughts and feelings.  I would highly recommend the Nest to anyone interested in a high quality, professional, and friendly acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice.—L.L.

When I finally came to the Nest after 4 years of going between gynecologists, endocrinologists, internists, and nutritionists, I was pretty hopeless. I did not have a regular period and my thyroid was getting worse despite my very healthy, yet rigid, lifestyle…Western doctors basically wanted to put me back on birth control pills to regulate my hormones and more eastern/western doctors gave me an overwhelming amount of supplements and strict dietary recommendations that did not seem to work. When I got to the Nest, Sae Mickelson met me with so much understanding about my health issues and I was reassured by her confidence that she “had a plan” of how to help me. She is very knowledgeable and skilled at her job and she really has a nurturing spirit. Whenever she finishes placing the acupuncture needles and makes sure that I am comfortable, she tells me to “give myself this time to rest.” For some reason, it helps and is exactly what I need to hear to let the needles do their magic. Sae is so patient and always answers the many questions that come up for me between our treatments. I did not realize how anxious I had become about everything over the years of dealing with these hormone problems and she helped me to be mindful, but at ease, about my choices. I highly recommend the Nest. I only wish that I had come to them sooner as I did get my regular period back with regular sessions and herbs and am now happily pregnant. I honestly accredit it all to acupuncture as I tried the other options and they didn’t work.—B.H.

Shelbi has been great over the past year at keeping my migraines at bay, regulating my PCOS, preparing my body for pregnancy, and now for birth.  She is a great listener and has a gentle touch.  My time at The Nest is always relaxing – something I look forward to each week.—T.B.

I approached acupuncture for fertility after having tried to conceive on my own for six months. I was frustrated with the traditional medical advice of my doctor, who would have placed me on fertility drugs immediately, in light of my irregular cycles. I wasn’t ready to give up on my body and I wanted move forward, which brought me to The Nest. Not only did Jennifer’s treatments address the symptoms of my infertility, they also sought to alleviate the root of the problem. This method had a wonderful calming effect on my overall sense of well being and I’m sure contributed to my success in finally achieving pregnancy, naturally, after about four months of treatment. Alleviating the anxiety associated with infertility is a huge part of the battle, and I can’t say enough good things about the high level of care and attention that I received at The Nest.- S.R.

Over the past 6 years we have flung the most awful assortment of ailments at Sae Mickelson who has steadily advised and treated the five members of my family toward our present well-being. Allergies, arthritis, anger, recurring pneumonia, excessive mucus, cold, flu, strep throat, ear infection, anxiety, constipation, and recovery from surgery are just a few health concerns that Sae has addressed for us over the years. It’s not just that she fixes the malady at hand—she looks at the whole picture and the long term outlook. Much of our treatment has been dietary advice. For example, each year that we have been dairy-free we are all very noticeably less sick, less often. Cutting sugar from my diet has eliminated chronic pain from my life. Eliminating gluten removed the daily stomach aches and massive grumpiness my 5th grader was experiencing. Each dietary change was less of a loss and more of a victory for our family. These were life changing health improvements and all completely free of side effects…We’ve little by little moved toward a nutrient dense, delicious and satisfying diet that makes us feel much better instead of worse. When we do get off course, Sae is a gifted herbalist and acupuncturist. I’ve noticed that her treatments became even more effective after the dietary changes we made. We pay completely out-of-pocket for our treatments but it has turned out to be one of our most important investments. We are all five stronger and healthier and get sick much less often than 6 years ago…My family and I have a better quality of life overall because we all feel good. Everything is more fun when you feel good. Sae Mickelson has done this for our family!—M

[Jennifer], words can’t express my gratitude for all that you have done. I am happier, healthier, and now pregnant because of your  expertise, guidance and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.—CS

I don’t know where to begin.. I hope you [Jennifer] know how much I believe in you and what you do. I feel so lucky to have worked with you for all these years. I feel grateful that you have been a part of my growing family.—CP

[Jennifer], thank you for the placenta pills! They are helping me so much that I am afraid for when they run out! Mostly I feel my emotions and temper are more regular and normal when I take the pills. My recovery has gone amazingly fast and I’ve already got some breast milk stored in the freezer! Forever grateful!—JC

I had been reading about how acupuncture has helped a lot of women with infertility and I thought I would give it a try. I told myself that I needed to try everything possible before resorting to IVF. I started seeing Jennifer for acupuncture and after my first treatment, I was hooked. Not only did I feel calm, but I was sleeping better at night and my periods became very regular and I was more focused and less stressed out. Much to our pleasure, after about 16 acupuncture treatments, my husband and I became pregnant NATURALLY. I REALLY believe it was because of the benefits of acupuncture.—Claire

I recommend The Nest to my patients for general health & well-being and for issues relating to fertility & pregnancy concerns, such as back pain & turning breech babies. My patients are always very satisfied by the practitioners’ expertise, warmth, & efficacy. The Nest continues to be the first place I turn to help optimize my patients’ health!—Sara Eggemeier, CNM

Jennifer has a passion and love for childbirth that is essential to working with women in labor. She draws from her vast knowledge and experience to help women have the birth experience they want. Her respect and awe of the birth process is evident and her ability to be with women in each changing moment is vital to this process. Her commitment to natural birth and to each individual woman’s needs is reflected in her extensive knowledge of labor and birth treatments. She adds a healing and positively energetic presence to birth.—Gwen Riddell, CNM

My husband and I decided we’d like to expand our family and have another child. We had struggled with infertility in the past and knew we didn’t want to go the route of invasive medical treatments again! I had luck with acupuncture for other health issues in the past and contacted The Nest for help in regulating my menstrual cycle and helping my body achieve optimum health for conception. Well, five weeks later we had a positive pregnancy test! Thanks to Jennifer for everything!!—Kim

I started seeing Jennifer for treatments after suffering four consecutive miscarriages in a year. Needless to say I was an emotional and physical wreck. After my initial consultation, Jennifer recommended weekly acupuncture treatments, a modified diet and herbs. What struck me the most at my first visit was what a good listener Jennifer was. I felt that for the first time I was really being heard, something I had not experienced with my western doctor. The atmosphere at The Nest really helped put me at ease during what was a very difficult time. The space is clean and peaceful and I always left feeling very relaxed. I started to feel stronger and more balanced very soon after our first session. I conceived again after a couple months of treatments. I am very happy to say that I am now 28 weeks pregnant and every indication is that this baby is doing great. I feel that the care and consultation I received under Jennifer are a big part of this success and would recommend her to anyone who was suffering from similar problems.—L.E.

I am 40 years old and had been trying for 1 1/2 years to get pregnant. I was told by a reproductive endocrinologist that I didn’t ovulate and I needed to have IVF. I refused to believe that I needed such an invasive treatment to do something that my body knew how to do naturally. I turned to Jennifer Paschen at The Nest. Through twice-weekly acupuncture sessions, herbal therapy and small diet changes I was thrilled to find myself pregnant only two months after starting treatment!

Jennifer and her staff are wonderful, wise, caring people. I feel that they are truly my partners in my health, well-being and now my pregnancy. The Nest is a warm, inviting space with an aura of calm and hope. I recommend The Nest to anyone who is dealing with reproductive issues or who just wants to take control of their health.—SR.

If there is anywhere in the entire world to relax, The Nest is the place.—Maci, age 10

Jen, I just wanted to tell you what an amazing thing the encapsulated placenta has been for us! My milk supply is way way way better than it was with Georgia, and although I’m as tired as you’d suspect with a newborn and a 2 year old, I haven’t had any big blues or postpartum fatigue. So, one million thanks to you – I’m a believer!—Jill

My daughter (now four) had eczema for over two years that did not respond to Western oral medications and creams, and quite frankly I was at wit’s end. Her eczema was so terrible — she frequently scratched at her skin, had sores on her arms and legs and slept poorly due to discomfort. I decided to try an Eastern approach and took her to see Jennifer Paschen. My daughter’s skin responded immediately to treatment with acupuncture and herbs. In addition, Jennifer taught us about the importance of eating proper healing foods for my daughter’s condition. Not only did her skin respond well to the treatments and dietary changes, but her entire temperament and sleep habits improved as well. My daughter looks forward to her appointments with Jennifer and we refer to her acupuncture treatments as getting ‘fairy kisses.—Diane

Jennifer helped me through acupuncture to dilate from 7cm to 10cm, in about 30 minutes, after my labor had stalled out. If she had not been present at my birth, I would have likely been in labor for at least a few more hours and/or faced unwanted medical interventions. If a woman were attempting to have a natural childbirth experience, I would highly recommend Jennifer Paschen. Not only is she an amazing acupuncturist, for the above reasons, but also during labor she offers tremendous support since she too delivered a child naturally. She is also helpful postpartum in getting your body to return to a healthy state. I am thankful that I have her in my life!—Aggie Dziedziech-Eckert, DDS

I wanted to let you know that I am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins.  Thank you again for helping me achieve this. I am so appreciative and truly think the acupuncture played a part in this miracle happening.  Thank you so much! E.H.

I visited Julie three times for acupuncture a few weeks ago to induce labor. I wanted her to know that Thomas was born at home on Wednesday, January 11th at 1:20 am. My contractions began at 11 PM. Labor was 2.5 hours long from start to finish and the baby came so quickly that my husband and I delivered him ourselves in our bathroom with our doula and midwives arriving shortly after he was born! Thomas is healthy, nursing beautifully and I am feeling well.

Just wanted to pass along the story and say thanks to Julie for her wonderful treatments which I believe helped my body to prepare for the birth. Thanks so much to The Nest! -Jill

Jennifer, how can I thank you enough for the support you gave us through the pregnancy, labor and delivery of Elenor? We would have never managed without you, for sure. Your faith in our ability to make it through was so valuable. You really are a gem.
-Steph, Chris, Gus, & Elenor

Thankfully, Jennifer came to us at the drop of a hat to help me bring our beautiful baby into this world. I was having troubles getting my contractions to kick in after a 24-hour lapse of time since my water had broke. My doctor was hot on my tail waiting for progress so Jennifer poked and zapped me where it counts and brought me from a 4cm to 6cm dilation just in time to keep the doc at bay. Athenia was out in no time. -Alicia