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  • Jen Paschen

Why Intense Diets aren't Good for Fertility

Remember this famous "diet" that Vogue printed in the '70s?

Easy to laugh at today when it sounds so silly, but diets like the "Cotton Ball Diet" and the "Baby Food" diet have both been popular within the last decade.

Right now, Paleo, Whole30, and Intermittent Fasting are popular...but who is to say if they'll still be practiced a decade from now.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years and has had foundational principles for nutrition that outlast any fad diet you'll see circulating around the office.

My philosophy - which is a mix of TCM and my direct clinical experience - on food is this...

  • Food is nourishment. I often see patients who feel like their bodies are against them. But the truth is that your body wants to be in harmony with you! It wants you to thrive.

  • Keep it simple! The more simple things are, the more likely you are to stick with them. That doesn't mean that things are easy, just that you're not creating your own resistance.

  • Nurture your relationship with food. I believe that just like with any other substance we consume, we can either use food for torture/control/abuse OR we can choose to use food to empower/nourish/harmonize. Which path you pursue depends on your relationship to food and your body.

The intention of how you eat is super important! I often hear patients talk about food as if it's something they're marching up against in battle.

But all of that gripping, pushing, and controlling causes something we really don't want...stress.

Prolonged fasting in women...causes stress.

Extreme calorie restriction...causes stress.

Extreme calorie consumption...causes stress.

Caffeine and alcohol (especially a bottle a day *ahem* Vogue)...causes stress.

Stressing about getting it right...(you already know) causes stress!

Stress, and specifically anxiety and depression, make it harder to get pregnant, feel well during pregnancy, and recover quickly postpartum.

That's why I often teach patients how to set up and stay consistent with a morning routine.

A morning routine not only sets the calming tone for the entire day but also leaves you more energy and time to do the things that make you feel good for the rest of the day.

Maybe that's taking a walk, drinking some lemon water, or taking time to sip some celery juice.

After all, I've seen time and time again that the patients who focus on their own self-care outside of their in-clinic sessions tend to see faster and more positive results.

For me, personally, I consider this time the most important part of my day. I know that when I don't make time for my routine, overwhelm creeps up WAY more quickly for me than on the days I make it a priority.

Lately, I've been loving a few staples from my morning routine -

  • fresh celery juice

  • morning mantra

  • walks with my 2 dogs

Do you have a unique ritual you start your day with? Comment and let me know :)

For more support in personalizing your morning structure, book an appointment and we'll help you create a daily routine you love.


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