Our signature fertility treatments are rooted in four concepts: unblock, regulate, restore and balance. Nest practitioners apply their extensive clinical knowledge and training in fertility medicine to each one of our patients. We construct highly individualized treatments that address the uniqueness of each person. Within the structure of unblock, regulate, restore and balance we are able to fully understand and address underlying physiological influences that impede the body from attaining its fullest fertile potential.


By employing the method of unblocking / regulating / restoring we address the blood more directly, which lends to improved hormone balance, egg quality, and uterine lining. 


Stimulate the central warming aspect of the body so that we can enhance, construct, and direct proper blood flow circulation to the entire body.


Influence the flow of energy and blood throughout the body to ensure good quality blood nourishment to internal organs, supporting optimal form and function.

Open energetic meridians allowing proper circulation, reduce inflammation, remove unwanted stasis, and detoxify the body.



The pulse is the compass. The pulse informs practitioners where imbalance and disharmony lie. Nest practitioners examine the pulse at every visit and design the treatment focus from there. The body is in constant change and motion- similar to allopathic medicine’s blood draw to determine the internal state of the body,  Traditional Chinese medicine achieves this understanding via the pulse. 

Abdominal Diagnosis

The abdomen informs and confirms the state of blood flow- especially relating to the organs and functionality of those organs located below the navel center- digestion, urination, menstrual flow, sexual function- all of it.  Practitioners assess the general strength or weakness of the yang qi/central warming aspect of the body via the abdomen, which is crucial to proper blood flow circulation, and the root of understanding and successfully treating fertility issues.


Each patient is prescribed an individualized treatment plan. Nest practitioners carefully consider each fertility case and design a realistic treatment plan based on the presentation and needs of each patient.  

Acupuncture – with or without microstimulation
Chinese herbs
Nutrition and lifestyle counseling
Vitamins/ Supplements
Gua sha

Your Nest practitioner will decide which modalities are best suited for you.