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The Nest provides specialized treatment for fertility/pregnancy/holistic health/pediatric care in Chicagoland. Our practitioners have extensive postgraduate training and over 20 years of clinical experience.

The Nest provides realistic treatment strategies that support patients in taking a more active role in improving their overall health and well-being. 

We listen, we care, and we look forward to meeting you! 


Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Initial visits: 


Initial visits are 60 mins. Includes: complete review of medical health history and chief complaint, pulse and abdominal diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plan/strategy that addresses diet/lifestyle/Chinese medicine recommendations. 

Follow-up visits: 


Follow-up visits are 45 mins. Includes: review of symptoms/ and address any new issues/symptoms, pulse diagnosis and abdominal diagnosis as needed. Herbal medicine may be adjusted as needed.

Fertility coaching with Jen


Virtual fertility support with Jen. Fertility counseling for those who want support surrounding fertility supportive diets, dietary supplements, Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure for fertility, fertility mantra and meditation, stress reduction techniques, and exploring next steps with IUI/IVF treatment. 

In office or virtual herbal medicine consultations


20 minute visit- review of health history and pulse diagnosis. Patent or custom Chinese herbal prescriptions are an additional charge. Virtual options via text, zoom, or FaceTime.

Pregnancy Test

Placenta encapsulation


We offer a free 15 minute in-office consultation with pulse diagnosis prior to delivery so that we may tailor your placenta pills to your postpartum needs  We recommend scheduling this appointment around 37 weeks. 

Cosmetic acupuncture

$175 (single session)

*w/30 mins of Celluma LED cosmetic anti-aging treatment

1 hour cosmetic acupuncture treatment + facial gua sha massage with herbal moisturizer. Revitalize your skin! Cosmetic acupuncture helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce blemishes, and naturally firms and evens skin tone. Look and feel feel better now! 

Celluma LED light therapy fertility support treatment: $50 for 30 minutes or $20 add-on to acupuncture 

5 Session Acupuncture Package


expires in 3 months

Follow up visits. 30 mins. Great option for patients seeking increased frequency while undergoing fertility treatment- TTC naturally or via IUI/IVF/FET cycle. 

Breech Package

5 visits


expires in 3 months

Includes initial acupuncture visit and 4 follow up acupuncture treatments  with moxibustion. 

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