Our highest priority is you! Please understand that when new or returning patients schedule an appointment with a Nest practitioner the entire appointment time is reserved for you. This allows ample time for practitioners to focus on health status changes and reassessment of current treatment strategy, as well as any herbal medicine prescription updates. We aim to provide you with most comprehensive care experience and we thank you for choosing The Nest.  

Cancellations /
Last minute rescheduling: 

We value our time with you. And to that end, we ask that a 24 hour cancellation be given when you can not make your scheduled appointment. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, special consideration will be given. In all other cases, patients will be responsible for the charge of their missed visit.

Late Arrivals

We understand sometimes life does not cooperate. Our time with you is important. If you are going to be arriving late to an appointment, please alert the office immediately. Anything more than 15 minutes late will be considered a missed appointment. Again, if a special circumstance arrives it will depend on the practitioners schedule if your appointment can still be accommodated.