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What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is of the World’s Oldest Medical Systems


Traditional Chinese Medicine (also known as TCM) is over 3,000 years ago and is best known for its ability to harmonize the energy (also known as Qi) of the body to create a healing, homeostatic environment.

Is TCM a fit for you?

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used on its own or in combination with Allopathic medicine


If you want to go deeper than symptomology and understand the cause of conditions, like fertility and autoimmune disease, then you will thrive with TCM, which uses a root-cause approach.

How It Works

Your treatment plan will be customized for you based on your diagnosis.

You’ll undergo a pulse diagnosis (and sometimes other diagnostic methods), discuss your personalized treatment plan with your practitioner, and then be supported through a combination of the following TCM modalities:


with or without microstimulation

Celluma LED Therapy

the only FDA-approved LED medical device

Vitamins & Supplements

with high quality sourcing and manufacturing


myofascial decompression technique

Chinese Herbal Medicine

with high quality sourcing and manufacturing

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

personalized, at-home recommendations


external heat treatment

Gua Sha

scraping massage

Herbal Medicine
TCM modalities are non-invasive, safe, holistic ways to heal and support your body. The treatments leave positive side effects - like feeling more relaxed, better sleep and digestion, and less stress.


with our without microstimulation

Acupuncture is the technique of using very fine (you can barely feel them) needles through the skin at strategic points along what are called meridians in order to improve blood flow and circulation, stimulate the central nervous system, and balance life force energy (Qi).

Needles used for acupuncture are hair-fine, sterile, and disposable. The sensations a patient feels from the needles vary from person to person, but generally, needle insertions are not painful. Patients often describe a heavy, warm, or tingling sensation when they are resting with their needles. Most patients report a state of deep relaxation and an overall sense of well-being during and after treatment.

Acupuncture Close Up

Chinese Herbs

with high quality sourcing and manufacturing

We specialize in preparing custom herbal prescriptions for patients and we have a full-service, raw herb, granular herbal pharmacy. Practicing herbal medicine in this way helps us effectively target chronic and difficult-to-treat conditions.


Each custom formula is based on the unique combination of a patient’s constitution and their existing health concern.

Because of this, the formulas are finely balanced and easily assimilated. In addition to our raw, granular pharmacy, we also carry traditional Chinese medicine patent formulas in tincture and pill form.


Our herbs are selected based on purity, the absence of harmful chemicals (including pesticides and heavy metals), and standardized potency. This ensures high levels of efficacy and helps the body heal and achieve optimal health.

chinese herbs

Celluma LED Therapy

the only FDA-approved medical LED device

LED Light Therapy is an exciting new technology, and our Celluma (a patented light therapy device that is FDA-cleared) is used to regenerate damaged cells and tissues. It promotes a natural photo biochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis.

The device is extremely low-risk, and it uses no UV light. The lamp produces minimal heat, and sessions are only 30 minutes in length. We’ve seen some really great results since adding it to the clinic in Fall of 2022.

Celluma LED Therapy

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

personalized, at-home recommendations

Did you know that all diets don’t look the same? In TCM, the pulse diagnosis helps us know if you’re deficient, in excess, or both.


This information allows us to curate a morning routine, personalized diet, and lifestyle recommendations that will be most supportive for you - whether you’re trying to have a baby, heal from PCOS, or nourish your body postpartum.

fresh fruits and vegetables

Vitamins and Supplements

with high quality sourcing and manufacturing

Our approach to Vitamins and Supplements at The Nest is that we believe in quality over quantity. No one wants to remember to take 40 capsules a day, and we want you to have a plan that feels accessible.


We’ll only prescribe the vitamins and supplements we absolutely feel you need while working with nutrition and lifestyle to support depletion naturally.

Pills and Serums


external heat therapy

Moxibustion is a heat therapy used to regulate blood flow by burning moxa (ground mugwort) along the meridians of the body. The moxa won’t hurt, as it’s never placed directly on your skin, but you will feel a warm sensation.

We avoid the modality if you have a mugwort allergy, smoke sensitivity, or a lung condition, such as asthma.



myofascial decompression technique

If you’ve ever seen red or purple circles on the back of an athlete, you’ve probably seen or heard of cupping before. This technique isn’t limited to athletes, but it is used as a type of deep-tissue massage to reduce inflammation and support blood flow.


Cupping is done by creating a vacuum sensation. This causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. Usually, the cups are only left on for a few minutes. The process shouldn’t be painful, and some patients even say it feels like a massage.


Gua Sha

scraping massage

Gua sha uses a smooth tool to gently scrape the skin which raises tiny round spots on your skin, called petechiae. We do this to improve blood flow, circulation, and remove toxins from the body.

Facial gua sha is used in our cosmetic acupuncture sessions to relieve tension, puffiness, inflammation, and even sinus pressure.

gua sha and jade roller
If you have questions about a specific herb, modality, or our method, give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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