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Our highest priority is to help women better understand their body and their fertility via the lens of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We meet each patient where they are on their journey towards motherhood. We work in partnership with patients to create comprehensive, customized treatment plans – everything from acupuncture itself, custom herbal medicine blends, eastern diet therapy and lifestyle counseling – this specialized approach is the framework that is The Nest.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is unique in that it takes a global view of the body. In order to successfully treat fertility, practitioners rely on a thorough health history intake, pulse diagnosis and abdominal palpation to understand where disharmony lies within the body. One of the wonderful assets of Chinese medicine is that it is extremely beneficial for all and it can be employed in every type of fertility scenario.

Fertility Issues

Whether fertility issues are rooted in hormonal imbalance, autoimmune conditions, advanced maternal age, PCOS, fibroids/cysts, unexplained cause, or as a supportive treatment to an assisted reproductive therapy (IUI, IVF, FET, donor egg cycle, etc.) Chinese medicine greatly increases the chances of becoming pregnant and maintaining pregnancy; it is safe, gentle, and offers lasting health benefits beyond fertility. 

IHR Onsite Acupuncture

The Nest is working with Institute for Human Reproduction patients to offer on-site pre/post embryo transfer acupuncture treatment at 900 N. Michigan Ave. 

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