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  • Jen Paschen

The Elephant in the Room when it comes to Fertility

"I just want to get pregnant and then everything will be fine/easier/better."

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist, I hear this all the time in my practice, and I get it.

I want more than anything to help you start your beautiful, healthy family.

I would love to tell every patient that it will only take a couple of months, a few acupuncture treatments, a handful of vitamins and minor adjustments to diet - and poof! - you're pregnant!

Sometimes this does happen, and other times it's a bit of a longer journey.

Either way, there are valuable lessons learned along the way.

Instead of getting stuck in a place of "why is this happening to me", "my body isn't working", "I blame myself", etc...

I encourage patients to try and reframe the fertility pause as an opportunity to pay closer attention to their body signals. Often there is a need for deeper connection and mental/physical/emotional health rebalancing.

It has become clear to me in my 23 years of clinical practice as a fertility specialist, there is no real "skipping ahead" of the body, no fast-forward button.

When dealing with fertility issues, we must attend to the entire body. Getting pregnant and staying pregnant requires clear, unobstructed communication within the body.

Making a baby requires perfect orchestration- all internal organ systems circulating and functioning properly, everything in balance and harmony.

When the body is struggling with unattended health issues or imbalances, its energy is focused elsewhere- oftentimes dealing with putting out "fires" caused by chronic inflammation, pain, etc.

This leaves the priority of getting pregnant second or third on the list, depending on the overall health and resilience of the person.

Evaluating where changes can be made and implementing those changes is at the very foundation of your fertility. Sometimes the smallest adjustments to your health and daily habits can greatly improve your chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Fertility success at The Nest is multifaceted. We begin with comprehensive evaluation of each patient, education, and creation of a solid treatment plan.

Our toolbox is full of expertise and years of clinical success using: acupuncture, microsimulation, Celluma/LED, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, and distinct dietary plans.

Our combined approach to treating fertility allows for detoxification, repair, rebalance, and improved circulation throughout the body- which optimizes egg quality, encourages abundant uterine blood flow, and improved health biomarkers across the board.

When patients focus on their health pre-pregnancy they get to experience -

  • Natural conception

  • Fewer assisted reproductive therapies

  • Experience positive side effects - like no more headaches, regulated menstrual cycles, decreased/no cramping, better sleep, improved digestion, and increased energy levels

  • Learning more about what your body needs and how your body responds to diet and lifestyle changes- gain a greater understanding of what is working and what is not working

  • Nourishment of self in preparation for pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum

We are here for you throughout your fertility journey- wherever you are along the way! We work with patients side by side, educating them and constructing tailor-made treatments that can be implemented as a stand-alone plan or complementing IVF/IUI/FET.

I assure you that you will never regret investing in your health- especially while trying to conceive. Healthy mamas make healthy babies!


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